June 19, 2020

​COVID-19 Appointment Protocol:

We are dedicated to providing our customers with a safe experience. We have installed state-of-the-art HEPA UVC air purifiers at each station along with UVC ultraviolet air purifiers in the HVAC system. There are plexiglass dividers to separate each station. Stations are cleaned thoroughly between clients. All barbers will be wearing facemasks.

Step-by-Step Protocol:

  1. Arrive at the entrance to the premises for pre-screening.

  2. You are then given a numbered ticket and an approximate wait time; the numbered ticket represents your appointment and your place in queue.

  3. When it’s your turn in queue we will screen you for a fever with a touch-less thermometer.

  4. Contact information is required for contact tracing.

  5. Masks must be worn at all times on premises by both staff and clients.

  6. Only one client per barber per chair is allowed on premises at any given time.

Our prices will remain the same as our pre-pandemic prices!

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