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Monday - Friday: $20
Saturday & Sunday: $21

Princeton University Undergrads: $18 (Monday - Friday Only with ID)


Trim or Removal: $5
Electric Shave: $5 (extra)
Beard Outline: $5 with trimmer, $10 with straight razor

Mustache Trim: $2

Hot Lather Shave: $40


Eyebrow Trim: $2 (complimentary with Haircut)

Eyebrow Shaping: $7 (includes trim)

Shampoo With Scalp Massage: $8

Outline with Neck Trim: $10 (includes hot lather neck shave)

Front Hairline Shaping: $1 (up charge with trimmer), $2 (up charge with straight razor)

Straight Razor Head Shave: $35

Fades: $2 (up charge when lower than a #1)

Designs: $1 and up (to barbers discretion, please discuss)